If I Live To Tell

A True Story

“I looked at the picture in my passport. I hadn’t seen it in two years. There was my almost fifteen-year-old self—beautiful, naïve, expectant. I looked at the picture from different angles, then held it up to my face in the mirror. Everything I had been through was summed up there in those two faces. The fresh-faced girl flowering into womanhood—her whole self shimmering on her skin—and the dolled-up skeleton who buried under makeup the bitter fact that her dreams and longings… her identity… had withered under the desert sun like tender herbs. And the only intervening fact was Iraq.”

Abused women rarely tell their own stories. Many of them don’t survive their ordeals and those who do are often either too afraid or too ashamed to speak. If I Live to Tell is unique in that respect. It’s a real, first-person look at the world from the perspective of a woman who has endured tragedy, heartbreak, abuse and betrayal at almost every point in her life.

Set on three continents, If I Live to Tell is a rare glimpse into the world and heart of the largely invisible victimized woman. Following one woman’s struggle to discover purpose and identity, If I Live to Tell shows how tragedy can become triumph and how pain can turn to purpose. This is a true story like you’ve never heard before.

Author: Akeela Hayder Green with Michael Minkoff, Jr.
ISBN: 978-1-4675-3926-5 Pages: 216
Format: Matte Finish Paperback, 5.5” x 8.5”
Published: February 13, 2013
Kee Bio PicAkeela Hayder Green has gone through it all—abused and abandoned by her English mother and Iraqi father, forced into an arranged Muslim marriage, betrayed and broken by all the people who ever promised to love and protect her. Yet she survived it all and lived to tell her story… a story like nothing you’ve ever heard before.